Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha

Nirdhan Utthan is a pioneer microfinance institution involved in extending financial services to low income group in Nepal. 

Information To Shareholders

Nirdhan AGM Notice (2079-10-17 BS) (PDF)

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Remaining Dividend Ashad End 2079 (PDF)

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Download NUBL AGM Notice New (AGM-Notice 2073/74)

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NULBSL at a Glance, As of Feb 12, 2023

Total Loan Disbursed (NPR) 206.56 Billion
Number of Branch Office 185
Loan Outstanding (NPR) 27.02 Billion
Number of Centers 22,573
Number of Active Clients 403,002
Number of Regional Office 10
Saving & Deposit (NPR) 18.89 Billion
Total Staff 1,161
Working Districts 77
Local Bodies Outreach 550
Number of Loan Clients 235,425
Currency Conversion USD 1=NPR 132.00
Number of Female Staffs 518