Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha

Nirdhan Utthan is a pioneer microfinance institution involved in extending financial services to low income group in Nepal. 


Public Deposits

NULBSL taking permission from the central bank (Nepal Rastra Bank), has started collecting deposits from general public. Under this category, NULBSL offers Easy Savings, Special Savings, Staff Salary Savings (Employee), Child Education Savings, Festival Savings and Fixed Deposits with maximum of 2 years maturity.

SNProduct NameRate Of Interest %Remarks*
1Staff Salary Savings9.00%Minimum Balance NPR 500
2Special Savings7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 500
3Sahayatri Savings7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 500
4Samunnat Savings7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 500
5Easy Savings7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 100
6Festival Savings7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 500
7Child Education Savings7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 500
8Fixed Savings 6 Months9.00%Minimum Balance NPR 5000
9Fixed Savings 1 years9.25%Minimum Balance NPR 5000
Fixed Savings 2 years9.50%Minimum Balance NPR 5000
10Sansthagat Fixed Saving 1 year8.25%Minimum Balance NPR 5000
Sansthagat Fixed Saving 2 year8.50%Minimum Balance NPR 5000
11Nirdhan Remittance Fixed Saving10.25%Minimum Balance NPR 5000

*Condition Apply

Client Savings

NULBSL offers different savings products for its members. These savings are useful for members when they need funds for health, education and consumption. Furthermore, the savings products encourage the members to save for the future. There are 4 types of saving products offered to the members, they are: Personal Savings, Group Fund Savings, Center Fund Savings and Sambriddhi Savings.

SNProduct NameRate Of Interest %Remarks*
1Nari Bachat7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 50
2Personal Savings7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 50
3Center Fund Savings7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 0.00
4Individual Saving7.50%Minimum Balance NPR 100
5Sambiridhi SavingsSpecial Scheme*

*Sambridhi Saving Will Double in 14 Years or 168 Months

NULBSL at a Glance, As of May 13, 2024

Total Loan Disbursed (NPR) 235.65 Billion
Number of Branch Office 185
Loan Outstanding (NPR) 26.40 Billion
Number of Centers 22,743
Number of Active Clients 399,948
Number of Regional Office 10
Saving & Deposit (NPR) 19.79 Billion
Total Staff 1,136
Working Districts 77
Local Bodies Outreach 552
Number of Loan Clients 191,246
Currency Conversion USD 1=NPR 133.61
Number of Female Staffs 505