Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha

Nirdhan Utthan is a pioneer microfinance institution involved in extending financial services to low income group in Nepal.


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Internship Program

The Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd Internship program provides opportunities for students who are interested in development and social enterprise sector to expand their knowledge about Microfinance and Social Enterprise. Nirdhan Interns dedicate 2 -6 months working at Nirdhan Offices in Nepal. Interns are placed with teams throughout the organization based on their skills and abilities.It is the role of the Internship Program to determine where you will best fit within the organizations. Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd is the leading Microfinance Bank with network of 178 Branches throughout Nepal, 10 regional offices and a Head office in Kathmandu.Nirdhan intern has an opportunity to contribute significantlyto the
effectiveness of their managers and teams. However, internship does not lead to permanent job position, neither any commitment in further vacancies as well.
Intern might work in:
· Program Management
· Research and Development
· Microfinance Partnership
· and any other related field
The Internship program is focused on to provide career development experience that leverages interns existing talents and enables them to hone new ones so as to complement their graduate study or career pursuits.

How to Apply

You must submit a cover letter (maximum one page), along with your resume(maximum 1 or 2 page), and recommendation letter from college or universityfor consideration. Your cover letter should incorporate answers to the following questions:
Why do you want to be a part of Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd?
Why does an internship fit into your life at this time?
How will Nirdhan internship support your overall career aspirations?

For more information on internship program please write to following address:

Janardan Dev Pant
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Internship/Get Involved

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NULBSL at a Glance, As of Oct 17, 2022

Total Loan Disbursed (NPR) 199.65 Billion
Number of Branch Office 185
Loan Outstanding (NPR) 27.55 Billion
Number of Centers 22,405
Number of Active Clients 400,095
Number of Regional Office 10
Saving & Deposit (NPR) 18.48 Billion
Total Staff 1,194
Working Districts 77
Local Bodies Outreach 549
Number of Loan Clients 240,000
Currency Conversion USD 1=NPR 131.77
Number of Female Staffs 513