Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha

Largest Branch Network, The only MFI in Nepal to cover 77 of 77 Districts of Nepal with 181 Branches and 10 Regional Offices alongside the Central Office.


Nirdhan Utthan requires its clients to save with most of their loan products and encourages clients to contribute to voluntary savings ...

Remittance Service

Under remittance service the family members working abroad can send money to their relatives in Nepal. People can send and receive money at ...
Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.
Tel : 977-1- 4413711, 4413794, 4413840
Email: [email protected]

About Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.

Nirdhan Utthan, "the Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha for upliftment of the poor" is a micro-finance established in November 1998 under Company Act of Nepal 1997 (now Company Act 2006). Nepal Rastra Bank, the Central Bank of Nepal, granted a license in April 1999 to undertake banking activities under the Development Bank Act 1996. It started its formal operation from July 1999. Now, operated under Bank and Financial Institutions Act 2017, Nirdhan Utthan  provides micro-finance services such as Loans, Deposits, Micro-Insurance and Remittance services to low income families of Nepal. NULBSL follows group lending based on Grameen Bank, Bangladesh model as well as group lending based on NULBSL developed Self-Reliant Group model through a network of 181 branch offices spread over all 77 districts of Nepal...

NULBSL at a Glance, As at July 15, 2020

Total Loan Disbursed (NPR) 132.93 Billion
Number of Branch Office 181
Loan Outstanding (NPR) 20.15 Billion
Number of Centers 19,901
Number of Active Clients 374,535
Number of Regional Office 10
Saving & Deposit (NPR) 13.34 Billion
Total Staff (Including Trainee) 1182
Working Districts 77
Local Bodies Outreach 532
Number of Loan Clients 219,136
Currency Conversion USD 1=NPR 120.67
Number of Female Staffs 480

News Highlights

Branch OfficeDistrictStaff NameContact No
Branch Office, SandhikharkaARGHAKHANCHIShankar Kanta Neupane9845580111
Branch Office, Amargadhi DadeldhuraDADELDHURADhruba Raj Joshi9848461037
Branch Office, ParaspurBANKETop Bahadur Raskoti9857061110
Branch Office, KohalpurBANKEPuspa Kumari Subedi9848031697
Branch Office, UdayapurBANKERam Ugrah Chaudhary9806995378
Branch Office, RanjhaBANKEKhem Kumari Bhandari9848027151
Branch Office, KhajuraBANKELekh Nath Kafle9847386230
Branch Office, SimraunghadhBARAHasmuddin Miya9845039439
Branch Office, GanjbhawanipurBARAHridaya Narayan Yadav9845249787
Branch Office, KalaiyaBARAMahanand Das9805998368
Branch Office, KolhabiBARASekhar Bahadur Karki9842422258
Branch Office, TelkuwaBARARam Kishor Chaudhary9816273711
Branch Office, ParsauniBARAKiran Kumar Harijan9845857445
Branch Office, SimaraBARABinod Ram9845185138
Branch Office, BhurigaunBARDIYAMadhab Sharma9847835551
Branch Office, RajapurBARDIYADevi Ram Parajuli9848023103
Branch Office, BansgadhiBARDIYASushil Sharma9847841670
Branch Office, GulariyaBARDIYASurya Bharati9841511757
Branch Office, BhandaraCHITAWANSant Bahadur gurung9867804452
Branch Office, ChanauliCHITAWANTika Ram Giri9845070309
Branch Office, BharatpurCHITAWANRita Regmi9843641756
Branch Office, MadiCHITAWANNabin Gurung9846197452
Branch Office, MuglingCHITAWANBabur Hamal Thakuri9847040850
Branch Office, TandiCHITAWANJyoti Raj Regmi9846001330
Branch Office, JogbudaDADELDHURADhan Krishna Bhatta9846001330
Branch Office, NarayanDAILEKHArjun Prasad Khanal9847143602
Branch Office, GhorahiDANGBirendra Prasad Acharaya9858027387
Branch Office, GadhawaDANGNarayan Bhurtel9857024212
Branch Office, SishaniyaDANGSanjay Chaudhary9847248152
Branch Office, TulsipurDANGPitambar Paudel9845308001
Branch Office, HileDHANKUTAYagya Bahadur Bista9842711686
Branch Office, JanakpurDHANUSANavkant Shah9869995361
Branch Office, SilgadhiDOTIDil Bahadur Rawal9855066332
Branch Office, PhikkalILAMYek Narayan Sharma9848020102
Branch Office, IlamILAMShivraj Kafle9845592459
Branch Office, GauradahJHAPAMatrika Prasad Bhandari9842654317
Branch Office, SurungaJHAPAHari Prasad Acharya9846276167
Branch Office, Chandragadhi JhapaJHAPAMadan Neopane9862699030
Branch Office, Damak JhapaJHAPAUdaya Raj Pokhrel9857010591
Branch Office, TikapurKAILALIRam Ratan Barai9615313547
Branch Office, AttariyaKAILALISurendra Prasad Chaudhary9845060443
Branch Office, TikapurKAILALILaxmi Sharma9866836285
Branch Office, MahendranagarKANCHANPURBinod Kumar Adhikari9844964118
Branch Office, OdariKAPILBASTUSushil Gautam9847088402
Branch Office, PokharaKASKIKrishna Prasad Paudel9855061675
Branch Office, GaushalaMAHOTTARIHajrat Ali9847896407
Branch Office, HetaudaMAKWANPURRamesh Panthi9847075599
Branch Office, Tankisinuwari MorangMORANGOm Prakash Koirala9842701227
Branch Office, Biratchok MorangMORANGRajendra Prasad Khanal9842355313
Branch Office, DaldaleNAWALPARASI WESTLekh Bahadur Bhat Chhetry9845092051
Branch Office, BelatariNAWALPARASI WESTKismat Ali Pathan9815444988
Branch Office, ParasiNAWALPARASI WESTRavindra Kumar Barai9862031500
Branch Office, BanstariPALPASita Pandey(Neupane)9846148199
Branch Office, AryabhanjayangPALPAKrishna Kant Adhikari9848171250
Branch Office, PhidimPANCHTHARRita Maya Tamang9842636311
Branch Office, BindhyabasiniPARSABishnu Bahadur Chaudhary9821268067
Branch Office, Sripur BirgunjPARSANandlal Pal9806993608
Branch Office, BirgunjPARSAHem Lal Bashyal9845048265
Branch Office, ParwanipurPARSANandu Nath Kanwar Yogi9855024722
Branch Office, PokhariyaPARSARam Raksha Yadav9847051061
Branch Office, Bhingri BazarPYUTHANResham Lal Tiwari9847143895
Branch Office, GaurRAUTAHAT Om Prakash Yadav9804436202
Branch Office, ChandranigahapurRAUTAHAT Surya Bahadur Basnet9815253193
Branch Office, GarudaRAUTAHAT Ishwar Chand Chaudhary9845186398
Branch Office, ChandranigahapurRAUTAHAT Kedar Prasad Khanal9846577914
Branch Office, BasantpattiRAUTAHAT Makabul Khan9845266089
Branch Office, JugarROLPAGehendra Prasad Sharma9847823063
Branch Office, KotihawaRUPANDEHIKalpana Gautam9847061338
Branch Office, ButwalRUPANDEHISudharani Srivastava9847030460
Branch Office, DhakdhaiRUPANDEHIYuvaraj Timilsina9848083890
Branch Office, RamapurRUPANDEHIJiv Raj Paudel9847044134
Branch Office, BhairahawaRUPANDEHINiraj Singh Kuwar9847148268
Branch Office, SitalnagarRUPANDEHIKrishna Bahadur Darji9845065419
Branch Office, FarsatikarRUPANDEHIKrishna Bahadur Thapa9847051792
Branch Office, MahajidiyaRUPANDEHIPurnawasi Chaudhary9847044913
Branch Office, MajhgawaRUPANDEHIBhrama Nand Tripathi9817444889
Branch Office, HaraiyaRUPANDEHITulsa Pandey(Devkota)9851102454
Branch Office, KhadbariSANKHUWASABHASarita Gurung9842440363
Branch Office, KanchanpurSAPTARIAnirudh Kumar Yadav9804215833
Branch Office, Nawalpur, SarlahiSARLAHIShambhu Kumar Mishra9804204862
Branch Office, BarahathawaSARLAHIDipak Prasad Teli9847080046
Branch Office, LahanSIRAHASunil Kumar Singh9811826673
Branch Office, Jhumka SunsariSUNSARIDevendra Prasad Sangroula9842665054
Branch Office, BiratnagarSUNSARIKalyan Babu Karki9842687688
Branch Office, JahareSURKHETDhruba Prasad Paudel9848192256
Branch Office, BirendranagarSURKHETBaburam Kandel9845436899
Branch Office, GalyangSYANGJAIndra Mani Gautam9851190026
Branch Office, Putali BazarSYANGJAKamal Raj Gewali9847070622
Branch Office, WalingSYANGJABhim Lal Pokhrel9845049311
Branch Office, DulegaudaTANAHUShanti Sapkota9848632666
Branch Office, PhunglingTAPLEJUNGDurga Prasad Ghimire9842711687
Branch Office, MyanglungTERHATHUMShiva Kumar Bista9847050958