Nirdhan Uthan Bank Limited

 Largest Branch Network, The only MFI in Nepal Which has Covered 77 of 77 Districts of Nepal.


NUBL is providing micro insurance product that address clients’ needs for risk management in addition to its savings and credit products. NUBL clients are highly vulnerable to economic shocks caused by events such as death of family member, illness, destruction of valuable asset, or a disabling injury. NUBL provides micro insurance service through partner- agent model linking its clients with formal insurance companies.

Livestock InsuranceNUBL has linked up with a local agency (Deposit and Credit Guarantee Corporation) to provide this service. When clients take out a loan for livestock, they pay 2 percent and 1.5%  for up to 75 thousands and above 75 thousands respectively, of the value to the agency, and the government matches it with an additional 5% and 4.5%  percent payment correspondingly. If the animal dies and it is verified by a veterinary official, the agency pays the 80 percent of the loan.

Micro-life Insurance (Grameen Karza Beema)

NUBL provides micro-life insurance to its client and her husband by linking its clients with formal life insurance company, Metlife Alico. The bank acts as agent of insurance company and collects premium and forwards the same to Metlife Alico and death claims are settled by the company through NUBL accordingly.

Premium Per YearBenefit
Rs. 64.00Rs. 10,000.00
Rs. 128.00Rs. 20,000.00
Rs. 256.00Rs. 40,000.00

If the death of insured is due to accident the benefit is double of the above amount.

NUBL At Glance, As at 13th April, 2018

Total Loan Disbursed (NPR) 85.98 Billion
Number of Branch Office 179
Loan Outstanding (NPR) 14.78 Billion
Number of Centers 15,510
Number of Active Clients 309,650
Number of Regional Office 10
Saving & Deposit (NPR) 7.88 Billion
Total Staff (Including Trainee) 886
Working Districts 77
Working VDC & Municipalities 1,843
Number of Loan Clients 207,728
Currency Conversion USD 1=NPR 104.42
Number of Female Staffs 263