Nirdhan Uthan Bank Limited

 Largest Branch Network, The only MFI in Nepal Which has Covered 75 of 75 Districts of Nepal.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) of NUBL comprises seven members, one representing individual promoters, three representing institutional promoters, two representing general public and one independent director. The BoD meets at least 12 times a year and takes policy decisions to pursue the objectives of the bank. The Chairperson of the Board is elected by the board members among themselves. The BoD is responsible to the general meeting of shareholders who meet generally once a year in Annual General Meeting (AGM). The composition of BoD is as follows:


Chairman Sir - Ganesh Bahadur Thapa

Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Thapa

Chairperson, Representing Nirdhan NGO


Director Sir - Top Bahadur Rayamajhi Sir

Mr. Top Bahadur Rayamajhi

Director, Representing, General Public

Director - Rajesh Gautam

Mr. Rajesh Gautam

Director, Representing, Everest Bank Ltd.

Achyut Raj Joshi

Mr. Achyut Raj Joshi

Director, Representing, General Public


Mr. Ram Bhakta Thapa

Director, Independent Director

Rajendra Bdr. Malla

Mr. Rajendra Bahadur Malla

Director, Representing Nabil Bank.

NUBL At Glance, As at 16th November, 2017

Loan Outstanding (NPR) 13.01 Billion
Saving Deposit (NPR) 6.84 Billion
Number of Active Clients 299,843
Number of Loan Clients 206,071
Number of Centres 14,952
Total Staffs ( Including Trainee) 857
Number of Branch Offices 178
Number of Regional Offices 10
Working Districts 75
Working VDC & Municipalities 1,830
Number of Female Staffs 199
USD 1=NPR 104.34